Transition Strategy

Transitioning to a hybrid-RIA might be the most important decision you will make for your business, yourself, and those you care about this year. The thought of leaving the familiar creates feelings of resistance in some and feelings of excitement in others. Both feelings are completely normal. But the best way to make an objective decision is knowing where you’ll end up if you stay where you are, and if transitioning to something else will get you closer to where you want to be.

Roadmap. We create a roadmap with you based on your goals for yourself and your business. Then we calculate projections for the impact that BD, hybrid-RIA, and RIA only models will have on yourself and your business. Changes in revenue, business value, and personal gratification are all presented to you in your analysis.

Project Plan. Your roadmap is made of milestone projects that move you from today toward tomorrow’s goals. Activities are identified, responsible parties assigned, and progress monitored.

Dedicated Support. When we created this site we found that the descriptions of “dedicated support” sounded a lot like advertisements for dish soap and reminded us of lines like, “Now with 20% More!” We personally think that no matter how much support is “available”, if that support is not committed to the success of your goals you’ll be less likely to accomplish them. Our support team is committed to the success of your goals because we’ve helped you develop them in concrete terms.  We’ve helped you build your roadmap. Oh, and we’re not available like “cable service installer” available.  We’re available like “on call surgeon” available. You will have 24-7 access to transition support.

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