Marketing Plan

We hear two ends of the spectrum of marketing needs from our advisors. One end sounds like, “I don’t do marketing. I’m referral only.” The other end sounds like, “I’m constantly seeking new ideas to attract leads and establish relationships with centers of influence.” We have a solution that meets the needs of both ends of this spectrum.

Strategy Templates. Choose from one of our marketing strategy templates created using the four Ps of marketing to immediately begin a systematic marketing campaign.

Marketing Coach. If revolutionary creativity is in your blood, partner with our in-house business consultant to create an integrated marketing strategy that will make push all of your marketing efforts into the top of the funnel and make your CRM the spout.

Automated Marketing System. We partnered with a best in class vendor to create an instantly available automated marketing system. You might be thinking, “Sure, a lot of people tell me I should automate stuff but when I buy it, it requires a third party consultant to integrate it.” Well guess what? We already hired that consultant and built it for you. The system makes repeatable activities actually repeat. Imagine this: you email a client. No response for a day? The system sends it again. No response for another day? The system notifies your staff to call the client. You provide great service, you reduce your risk of something falling through the cracks, you reduce your costs, and you make your staff happy because you all save time.  Is there such a thing as a quadruple win?

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