Investment Management

During bull markets, clients can generally buy and hold and be just fine. But what about periods like right now? We’re at the long end of the business cycle and volatility has increased. How do you position your clients for the next recession?

Maybe you know exactly how you’ll do it, and that’s fantastic. If you like to manage your clients’ assets and do your own trades, no problem. You can keep doing that.

How about gaining a CFA on staff that you can bounce ideas off of? You can have that, too. Our investment committee, led by a CFA charterholder, can now be your investment committee.

But what if you really don’t know how you’d manage accounts during a recession? What if you just don’t like doing money management and trading? Also no problem, we can do it for you!

What does that entail? Our investment committee, led by a CFA charterholder, performs in-depth research of the overall health of the market and on specific investments. Each week, they examine multiple indicators including, but not limited to: new highs and lows, market breadth, greed/fear indicators, price-earnings ratios, interest rates, relative strength, Bollinger Bands, and bond prices.

Once their review reveals the big picture, they drill into the specific investments within each client portfolio. To be sure they are performing as expected, they examine each holding in every model against certain standards. Investments performing up to standard or above are left alone. If they find an investment is underperforming – particularly during a market downswing – they find a replacement.

It’s an objective, process-driven management strategy. It’s easy to explain to clients and takes you out of the hot seat when it comes to picking asset allocations.

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