Optimize Growth

Grow it.  Everyone says they will “help you grow”. How do they know they can help you when they don’t know how you want to grow? We don’t yet know what “growth” means for you, but we know what our advisors say we do well. They say we listen, understand, and respond so you can take your growth home.

Your Business Consultant. That’s right, when you join us you have full access to a professional business consultant that will get to know you inside and out.  They’ll make you rethink where you will be next year and how you approach each day. They’ll help you define success. Do you want to double your revenue in five years? Work four days a week in eighteen months? Rest assured they’ll get you moving in the right direction.

Your Accountability Partner. We don’t give you a quick training session, pat you on the back, and say “good luck”.  We will encourage your progress and maintain your focus to complete your goals together. We’ll help you answer: Did you do it? Is it working? What’s next? First, your partner presents you with a project plan for each step towards achieving your goals. Second, activity assignments are made to the right people using the RACI method. Third, weekly calls are scheduled with your accountability partner to keep you on track.

Your Tailored Technology.  Welcome to your new, simplified day.  We automate the routine and organize the unexpected. Our tools deliver consistent client meeting preparation, automated client meeting follow up, and multi-custodial reporting. How do we know it works?  Because it was built by advisors for advisors. Schedule a demo.

CRM. Not best of breed. The best: Salesforce. With all of your data in one place, you can see the forest through the trees.  And with custom business processes, you’re out of the administrative bog and back in the advising seat. You get clean data, real time performance reporting, and automated client meeting preparation.

Data Integration. We help you get the data in and make it work for you. Want to keep your current systems? Of course you can. We can share our insight and assist you in improving them. Want to upgrade your old system and move into the big time? We help you move your data, test it, and get comfortable in your new environment.

Activity Management. What does your ideal client meeting look like? We provide you with an activity management system developed from the ideals of over 3,000 advisors collected over 10 years by top industry consultants. You can use our exclusive out of the box system immediately or this can be the beginning of a total customization process. Full customization includes a process mapping exercise for each key activity in your daily workflow. Once each activity is identified, we apply LEAN principles to untangle steps, assignments, and status updates.

What’s in the box:

  • Multi-Custodian Data Integration
  • Customized Dashboards
  • Workflow Automation
  • Task Assignment
  • Compliant Platform

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We’ll give you ideas that you can implement immediately to improve your business.  No strings attached.

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