Financial planning with defined outcomes.

Through Innovator Defined Outcome ETFs, financial advisors now have access to tools to help meet their clients' financial goals and risk appetites with a greater degree of certainty. Delivering defined outcomes through the ETF structure may also add increased liquidity and simplicity within an otherwise large, complex space. 
If you've heard of Innovator ETFs, you know they're a game changer. But how do you determine exactly which Innovator ETF to buy?  And when should you switch into a different flavor based on the price movement of the S&P 500?

If you want to invest in an Innovator ETF, it's important to know what to expect for each outcome period depending on how the S&P 500's price moves. For instance, if the S&P's price moves up 10% in the next three months, how could that affect each ETF? The answer isn't always obvious.

That's why we created the Affinity Innovator ETF Strategies.

Objective: Mitigate downside risk in the event of a 30% market loss

Primary objective: Mitigate downside risk in the event of a 15% market loss.

Secondary objective: Maximize upside potential

Objective: Maximize upside gain potential with minimal downside buffer

Trades occur at the beginning of each quarter and blend together one ETF of each risk category.

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